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Irushadhiyya Marks dhivehi Day 2017

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Irushadhiyya Marks dhivehi Day 2017
by Administrator User - Thursday, 13 April 2017, 6:13 PM


Irushadhiyya celebrated Dhivehi day along with the Dhivehi Language Day today , in adavance, since the actual day falls on a holiday. All the students came to school in Maldivian national attire. The dhivehi Day Programme was held today (13th April 2017) after the break time.

The ceremony was hosted by Mariyam Sara Sadhir of 10S.

Fathimath Shahuba Shahid started the function with the recitation of beautiful verses from the Holy Qur’an followed by Dhivehi Cub’s President Maaisha Ibrahim’s speech about the importance of the day.

Certificates for the winners of the activities conducted by the Dhivehi club and Islam club were distributed by our principal Mohamed Nasir and Leading teachers Mariyam Zahidha and Junaina Ismail.

Students performed dramas; dances and other traditional items.

The highlight of the event was an item presented by 9S students. The national tradition was memorialized with the meaning of the colors in the national flag, information on national flower and tree. They also paid a tribute to the famous poets and their work. The National Anthem was performed in sign language.

The Vice-president of Dhivehi Club Ali, Saeed of 9B gave the word of thanks.

Dhivehi club along with Islam club held an entertaining and a productive day.