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Describing a friend

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Describing a friend
by Ahmed Wifag Waseem (Admin) - Tuesday, 17 May 2016, 1:56 PM

Aminath Inaa Ahmed Rasheed  -8S

   Dear Melanie,

It was lovely to get your letter and I’m so excited to meet your best friend. This best friend of yours must be great to be with. Anyways, do you know who my best friend is? My best friend is Robby. Robby Schwartz.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but my best friend is a boy. Hey! What can I say! The other girls at school are just too weird for me. Surely you might be wondering why they are so weird. Well, they seem to care more about their makeup rather than their homework. Also, their manners are disgraceful and they seem to enjoy spending countless hours at spas, and last of all they can be pretty mean, not to mention nasty. Like Greta (Miss I Know It All), Brenda (Miss Fashion), and worst of them all Angela (“The Honorable Angela Favorleigh”). So from this explanation I’m sure you   will have a clear idea why Robby is better at being a best friend than any one of them.

Robby is just a ordinary guy about six feet tall with a slender figure with neatly trimmed blonde hair. He has glassy blue eyes which are bluer than “Paul Newman’s” eyes. His dimple and his lopsided grin are his coolest features.

Robby is known for being a studious student. He gets straight “A”s in all his exams. He is honest and straightforward. He is very generous and is highly active. He has won “Best Student Of The Year” three years running. There is a fair chance that he might win it this year as well. When you look at Robby, he looks as if you can trust him with anything. He is that reliable and very leader like. I could trust him anywhere, anytime and any day.

Like most people I admire Robby. He is brave, admirable and worth respecting. He has every quality that a heroic guy needs, his physical appearance adds to his charms as well. Sometimes I envy him, but always in a friendly manner

By the way Melanie, I sent a couple of pictures of Robby along with my letter. Let me know what you think of him in your next letter.