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David Bekham by Mariyam Shaya 8S

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David Bekham by Mariyam Shaya 8S
by Ahmed Wifag Waseem (Admin) - Sunday, 13 March 2016, 11:50 AM

David Beckham

David Beckham is an English footballer who has played for Manchester United and Real Madrid, as well as representing his country 100 times. He moved to the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007 to increase the profile of football in America. He married Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and has become a worldwide celebrity, an advertising brand and a fashion icon.

David Bekham is a handsome man with straight short blonde hair. He is quiet tall and well-built with broad shoulders which makes him look muscular and healthy. He is not always clean-shaven but has goatee or scruffy trimmed beard at times and has sparkling hazel eyes which make him more attractive and dashing.

David Beckham radiates reliability and consistency. People trust David and feel secure with his judgment. Beckham is seen as a cornerstone of a business and is relied upon to do his work efficiently and expertly. He has strength and respectability. He presents himself as someone who values correctness, control, and precision. All of this stems from the fact that David's most prized characteristic is his work. David wants to be judged on the basis of his performance, rather than his appearance.

All in all, Beckham can be called family man who takes care of his family, playing Lego with his children and cooking for them. He works hard on charity work in helping people in different parts of the globe. Despite being the advertising brand and fashion icon, he is down-to-earth to help others for non-profit and is always interested in friends and those around him. He is open-minded to new ideas and loves his profession.  He is one of the best footballers I have ever seen.