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Picture of Fathimath Saeedh
by Fathimath Saeedh - Thursday, 31 March 2016, 11:26 AM

“Aww… can’t wait.” That’s me, Erica Horan jumping on the car seat. I was so excited about moving. So was my sister Rebecca. “How’s it going to be? Big? Colorful? Our own rooms? Swimming pools?” she exclaimed. “How many more minutes?” I pressed my nose against the car window. It was the middle of autumn. The morning was cold and foggy. Red and orange leaves were everywhere. “Just a few more” my mom answered after a while. “Cool” I murmured.

I was sharing some photos in Flickr when dad stopped the car. “We’re here” he said. I stared at the building. Rebecca opened her mouth. I can say that she was as disappointed as I was. “No way! Are you sure this is the right house?” my shoulders dropped. “Amityville.” Rebecca read the name board. “Whoa! What?” My eyes widened. “I mean I’ve heard the name before. Oh yeah! I remember. That film! THE AMITYVILLE HORROR!”

“Girls. That’s a film. There are no such things happening. Now come on let’s check out your rooms.” Mom snapped. She always gets irritated when we talk about scary stuff. I looked around. It wasn’t bad as we thought. I started unpacking right away.

“Erica” I heard a whisper. The voice boomed around the room. “Huh?” my heart skipped faster. I took my mobile. “1:47.” I sat on my bed. “Who’s there?” it took time for me to adjust my eyes into the darkness. “It’s me”. The voice boomed again. “Don’t you know me Erica? You saw me on film.” It was a familiar voice. “Who are you? Rebecca. Enough of your jokes!” I demanded. “Oh! No my dear I am not Rebecca. She’s in her room sleeping. I am Emily. You know me don’t you? You do right? You know why I am here?” her voice suddenly began harsh and angry. “I don’t know you and why are you here?” I cried. That’s when the door opened. “Erica?”

I saw mom and dad in front of the door. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I ran to them. “What happened? We heard you screaming”. I couldn’t tell them what happened.

“Wake up! Erica!” I opened my eyes. Golden rays of sunlight filtered through the window. Rebecca was sitting next to me. “What happened last night? Mom told me that you weren’t feeling well. Had a bad nightmare?” she asked. “I wish it was a nightmare”. I replied sarcastically. “And isn’t this supposed to be a cold day? Its autumn and why is the sun beaming? Am I dreaming?” I rubbed my eyes. “Pitchy… did you forget? We are in a whole new town in a whole new area. The climate is not going to be the same.” She reminded me.  “Now go and get fresh. Mom made your favorite mac and cheese.” She flashed the cutest smile.  I gave her a playful smack. “Wow look!” Rebecca looked out from the large windows. I agree. The town was good, except this old dead AMITY VILLE. It made me remember what happened last night. I turned to tell Rebecca about it but she was already out.

“Singing radio heads at the top of our lungs….” I hummed my favorite song as I combed my shoulder length blonde hair. “Why did you come here? You know you will die” I moved a few steps back. I was shaking. I read the other part. “I’m going to pay you back. Won’t you let me rest in peace?” The note was written from blood. I closed my eyes not to look at the mirror. It wasn’t long; a rough warm hand gripped my neck. I started screaming my head off.

“Cut…. Cut... Cut! Enough shooting for today. Good job all, but there are some things we should work on.” Our director Will Sermon yelled on the microphone. I sat on a chair grabbing a water bottle. We discussed about the next shootings and started heading to our apartment. The only thing we didn’t notice was the pale girl looking at us the whole time and the only thing we didn’t even dream about was that our film was no longer going to be a film soon.

To be continued…..