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Irushadhiyya School – English Day 2016

Picture of Ahmed Wifag Waseem (Admin)
Irushadhiyya School – English Day 2016
by Ahmed Wifag Waseem (Admin) - Sunday, 17 April 2016, 11:59 AM

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Chinese Proverb.

Irushadhiyya School marked its English Day on the 16th of April, 2016. A day is set aside to appreciate the winners of various competitions conducted by the English Department.  It was marked with colourful programmes presented by students of grades 8, 9 and 10. 

To motivate and encourage students to improve their English language skills competitions such as Spelling Bee, Phrasal Verb, Synonym, Oratory, Essay writing, Handwriting, Travel & Tourism Role Play, Model making and Debates were conducted.  The aim was to improve language skills as well as encourage slow learners to build confidence and inflame in them a love towards learning.

Students enthusiastically participated in every competition with the right sportive spirit. The winners of these competitions were honoured on the English Day with certificates. 

The brilliant performances of the students showcased their talents in various aspects.  The grade eight students put up a dazzling performance of graceful movements and a hilarious skit of funny pronunciation of English words. 

The grade nine students came up with similar novel ideas of mime act which was absolutely stunning and a skit depicting students’ love for teachers.  The Travel&Tourism students of the same grade enacted various scenes of the role of staff in tourism.  For the first time ever a tourism programme was included on the English Day, the students put up an excellent performance giving the audience a clear picture of the roles of staff in tourism. 

The remarkable performance by the grade ten boys left everyone sitting on the edge of their seats in complete awe.  Their act was partly entertaining and partly bidding adieu to their alma mater. “Irushadhiyya you Rock” and “We will further Rock you with our O’Level results” declared the boys during the performance.  The girls further took it to another level with their electrifying performance with cups, The Pitch Perfect.  The synchronization with which they moved the cups to form a pitch perfect sound seemed amazingly superb.

A day such as this not only motivates students to come to school and look forward to an amazing learning experience, but pushes and challenges teachers to take their teaching to a whole new level of teaching and learning experience.  Isn’t this what education is all about?